🚀 New version: Fixed jittering while typing, Experimental SVG import, MirrorX, experimental Beziers

Build and commit d708ea5b5343af66fa4bdf144e64216f1a644330


  • Jittering and jumpy cursor while the user was typing and the script version was saved to the server


  • Very experimental SVG import:
// import a SVG from all over the web! 
// Work in progress: We can only import line path SVG's 
// (no curves, text, rectangles yet!)
l = $load('https://cms.archiyou.com/uploads/lines_4bf7d339f1.svg');
  • ShapeCollection.bbox() - get bbox of all Shapes
  • ShapeCollection.center() - center of collection
  • ShapeCollection.moveTo now uses center of collection, not of individual Shapes
  • Shape.mirrorX(offset) / Shape.mirrorY(offset) / Shape.mirrorZ(offset) - for easy mirroring in axis. Default pivot is at center of Shape. Or supply offset.
  • ShapeCollection.mirrorX/Y/Z() - same as Shape.mirrorX/Y/Z
  • Started implementation of Quadratic and Cubic beziers. See example: https://alpha.archiyou.com/_/mark/scripts/bf2441ef-7251-4692-8256-26f445924d47?fork
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