Connecting CO2 to archiyou

In the archiyou vision this is mentioned: “With its connectiveness designs can be evaluated directly for CO2, costs and more” Are you aiming to one day couple Archiyou to environmental databases like or
I would love to read more about this topic

The need for evaluation of designs on environmental factors seems essential to me.
And fortunately also very feasible with Archiyou being in browser and already having a data-science (Danfo: GitHub - javascriptdata/danfojs: Danfo.js is an open source, JavaScript library providing high performance, intuitive, and easy to use data structures for manipulating and processing structured data.) module integrated (“Calc”). This will be documentated soon by the way.

I was planning to first add a material database. Looking at various source (ICE database,, etc.etc.). Users can assign materials to shapes and use the Calc module to calculate and show things like total weight, CO2 balance etc.

We later generalize these standard calculations in a plugin system, and maybe create more advanced ones.
Thanks for the links. We’ll take a look.

What do you think are the most relevant applications of these kind of databases and calculation?

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Yeah, it would be great if you could make a design and click for your CO2/environmental impact. I think if it gives a good estimate it’s good enough. It can become quite the rabbit hole, for instance let’s say I design a wooden table and the database assumes I have to transport it 100km, but I sourced it locally, so the impact is much lower. Or the database assumes it ends up in a landfill but I burn it at the end. There are so many switches to tweak once you get started.
I think where archiyou can have the most impact is for when you are still choosing a material and to gain insight in where the environmental impact comes from. So I guess even unprecise guesses, but with clear assumptions would be beneficial.

Thanks. I agree: simplicity first.
Next phase of Archiyou will be focused very much on making (with CAM algorithms, outputs, documentation features) so CO2 calculation (but also cost) would fit in there to give a rough estimation of impact.
Like you say, when we enter that space a lot of nuances come into play (and criticism by the real experts). We need to attract that expertise, since we don’t have it now in the team. Let’s keep in touch!

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